The Routes

Hills, thrills and amazing views!

This year’s routes are based on last year’s which proved very popular, we’ve made some improvements to the 50 mile route and introduced some new refreshment points.ll the routes are fully signed, with marshals and refreshment points and mainly on minor roads through the fabulous Surrey and Hampshire countryside.

For detailed routes and profiles please click the appropriate links below.

16 mile route – Compact

This route is based on the very popular 25 mile route.

It includes 2 refreshment points and has 1,800 feet of climbing.

Perfect for people wanting to join the fun but without the pressure of 25 miles!

25 mile route – Classic

Our original distance continues to attract many riders and very positive feedback.

It features 1,800 feet of climbing, three refreshment points with picturesque villages, fabulous views and the occasional challenging but doable hill.

50 mile route

The 50 mile route has 3,400 ft of climbing, four refreshment points and is similar to the 75 mile route until Colemore, near Selborne.

It then makes its way towards Hawkley where the routes join up again.

75 mile sportive – Butser or Bust

This route has 5,400 feet of climbing, six refreshment points and is a real test!

After leaving the 50 mile route it heads south East Meon then up Butser Hill before turning north at Chalton.

It goes through the villages of Buriton, Langrish and Steep before re-joining the 50 mile route near Hawkley.

We hope you enjoy these routes and welcome all feedback!