Two routes will be signposted for one weekend only

2020 Routes

The organisers of the annual Farnham Charity Bike Ride have come together to provide you, your friends, and your families with something fun to do on the weekend of 4th/5th July.

Our usual 16 mile and 25 mile routes will be signposted for the weekend of 4th/5th July only.

There will be no marshals, no official start or finish, and no medals. This will not be an event as usual. You will be undertaking this activity at your own risk, and will need to ensure that you follow the social distancing guidelines in place on the day.

We would love to see your photos or videos of you doing the ride. Please feel free to share them with us via social media.

We will also open up a no obligation donations page accepting donations towards our usual good causes. If you feel able to, and if you want to, any donations large or small would be greatly appreciated.

Sweet Sixteen

16 miles

This is a lovely route through the local hills and valleys. It’s perfect for families with younger kids who might find the longer routes too daunting. But it’s not all plain sailing because there’s 1,200 feet of climbing to take on.

Strava Route

16 mile route map

The Classic

25 miles

This is our original route and still our favourite. It features 1,800 feet of climbing up challenging but doable hills, and loads of fabulous sites to enjoy; up and over the Surrey and Hampshire hills.

Strava Route

25 mile route map

Longer Routes

These two longer routes will NOT be signposted this year due to insufficient manpower, and the desire to keep things simple.

The routes are available on Strava if you are determined to ride them under your own navigation.

The Big Fifty

50 miles

This route will NOT be sign-posted. Details are here for completeness.

The 50-mile route includes 3,400 feet of climbing and follows the 75-mile route until Colemore, near Selborne. It then makes its way towards Hawkley, where the routes join up again.

Strava Route

50 mile route map

Butser or Bust

75 miles

This route will NOT be sign-posted. Details are here for completeness.

This route has 5,400 feet of climbing and is a real test! After leaving the 50-mile route, it heads south to East Meon, then up Butser Hill, before turning north at Chalton. It goes through the villages of Buriton, Langrish and Steep, before re-joining the 50-mile route near Hawkley. You’ll sleep well after finishing this route in a good time.

Strava Route

75 mile route map